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About Us

RETO is a non-profit Christian Organization placed in Benoni, Gauteng near the busy cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The centre is situated on a farm in a serene enviroment.

RETO South Africa was founded in 2011 by a dedicated team, whose heart is to fight the scourge of substance abuse in South Africa. Our vision is not only to succeed in the individual giving up the consumption of toxic substances, but also to promote a personal life change from the inside out. We want to encourage addicts to begin a process of personal and spiritual development in order to fill the void inside and find a purpose for their lives.

We are called  to help all drug dependants.
Our guide is the “Bible.”
Our foundation is based in Jesus Christ


After working with people for close to 30 years we have found  that rejection and unforgiveness are two of the main reasons that people get caught up in dysfunctional behaviour. The main objective of our program is not only to assist  people to leave destructive behavioural patterns, but to help people find purpose and vision for their lives.

Our program is free of charge for all those who need and request our help.

Our Tem

Our Team

At our centre, our compassionate and experienced staff helps all of our program participants to regain independence, recover from addictions and live a full wholesome life.


Our team are mostly ex-drug addicts who, once 100% free from the bondage of their addictions, chose to dedicate their lives to help others and to give others the same opportunity they have been given. 


"Our volunteers receive developmental training" 

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